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  1. Probabilistic assessment of solid timber;
  2. Probabilistic assessment of glued laminated timber;
  3. Probabilistic modelling of connections;
  4. Decay assessment and modelling;
  5. Load-history assessment and modelling;
  6. Reliability-based assessment model;

The first three tasks are directed to the optimization of tools, definition of methodologies to join information obtained from different NDT and SDT methods, development of probabilistic models to predict the mechanical behavior of members (solid and glued laminated timber) and connections (carpentry and dowel type connections). The fourth and fifth tasks are dedicated to study methods to evaluate the effect on mechanical properties of service conditions (load-history and biologic deterioration). The sixth task envolves the development of a probabilistic structural analysis model using the information obtained in the previous five tasks.



Doutor José Saporiti

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