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Safety and serviceability assessment of timber Structures in service has to deal to the high varaibility associated to timber members and connections. The capacity to maintain timber structures fit to use requires the existing of punctual or continuous (monitoring) evaluation methods allowing to respond to the need to adapt to new uses or to assist in defining and establishing strengthening works. The present scenario deals mainly with the use of concepts and rules mentioned in applicable European standardization and not easily fit to existing structures.

Different international committes have been working on establishing common principles to support more reliable assessment procedures for existing structures:

1) Guidelines for the on-site assessment of historic timber structures

2) In situ Assessment of Structural timber - RILEM

\\Special issue\\

3) The JCSS probabilistic model code for the assessment of existing ones from a probabilistic point of view.


The present project intends to contribute to the application of probabilistic Assessment models for the Structural behaviour of existing timber Structures (either modern or old).

Doutor José Saporiti

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